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The A10 Networks Forest – Supporting Local Communities

A10 Networks has been working with Treedom for the past year to help support local communities in developing areas of Asia, Africa and South America. Treedom’s tree planting activities in these areas with the A10 Forest contribute to the achievement of 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations Development Program. This program aims to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for farmers, and resulting in countless environmental and socio-economic benefits.

According to Treedom, “We believe that communities of people living in a given place are the best custodians of trees, so we support them financially and help them to plant and grow trees on their land. The trees will benefit them, the place where they live and the whole planet.”

A10 was drawn to partnering with Treedom because the work the organization does makes a difference in local communities. Its aim is to work towards achieving sustainable development goals such as irradicating poverty and hunger, providing quality education, spurring economic growth and supporting efforts to fight gender inequality, all of which are coupled with the benefits of helping the environment.

Enriching the Economy

Treedom spends time providing the communities looking after the forests, including our A10 Forest, with step-by-step training in nurturing the forests as well as the skills needed to create business opportunities from the plants. This can be in the form of harvesting the fruits to be sold for an income as well as any practical or medicinal uses from the different plant species. Treedom also works with the farmers year-round, so they are supported throughout the entire lifecycle of the plants. In addition to the economic benefits, the fruits produced can also help with nutrition, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Not only is Treedom providing education and skills development, it is also helping to foster collaboration among adjacent businesses. As an example, there has been a huge uptake of beekeepers reaching out to keep their hives within the Treedom forests due to the variety of flowering species from which the bees collect nectar. The ability to strike up negotiations and partnerships with other businesses is an incredible skill for the farmers and local communities and will only help grow and further enrich the economies.

The Women of Treedom

Gender inequality is still a very severe issue around the world and in the communities Treedom serves. The organization actively encourages women to get involved with all areas of the agroforestry projects, and many now have key responsibilities such as nurturing the plants from seed, taking care of them as they grow, and geotagging the trees with GPS for tracking purposes.

Not only does Treedom teach these women important skills, the charity also creates life-changing opportunities for the women involved that otherwise wouldn’t have been available. Women are able to earn a meaningful income that helps support their families, and in many cases, pay for their children’s education.

We are proud to be working with Treedom to support global sustainability efforts, create economic opportunities, including for women, and teach valuable skills for local farmers in areas around the world. To help support this effort, we invite you to adopt a tree within the A10 forest at the link.




Shannon Mackinnon
January 18, 2023

Shannon Mackinnon is a marketing executive at A10 Networks supporting EMEA and APAC activities. Read More