Application Security: The First Stop on Your Cisco Live Journey

Crushing multi-vector DDoS attacks. Threats concealed in SSL encrypted traffic.

Attackers are always trying to stay one step ahead of the defenders. They look for holes to exploit. They try to sneak in unnoticed.

We must defend our applications and infrastructure against these malicious cyberattacks.

At Cisco Live EMEA in Barcelona, your digital journey toward swift and secure applications starts with learning more about how to protect your applications and your network against modern, sophisticated threats.

Stop 1: Application Security

Organizations use SSL encryption to keep sensitive traffic safe and protected, but attackers have caught on and now use SSL/TLS encrypted traffic to conceal their nefarious doings. In some cases, this causes security pros to second-guess the use of SSL/TLS encryption or decide against it altogether.

You’ll learn at Cisco Live EMEA how A10 Thunder SSLi dynamically decrypts SSL traffic and enables existing security infrastructure, such as Cisco FirePOWER, to see and inspect encrypted traffic to eliminate threats without degrading performance.

And if the threat of DDoS attacks keeps you up at night, you can see how A10 Thunder TPS delivers defense against multi-vector DDoS attacks through the market’s highest performance DDoS protection. TPS is powerful enough to vanquish today’s massive DDoS attacks while also allowing legitimate user traffic to pass through uninterrupted. It’s surgical DDoS defense at any scale, and your weapon against today’s most sophisticated DDoS attacks.



January 11, 2018

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