The Destination: Swift and Secure Applications

The modern digital journey can be fraught with peril. Disruptions, jitter, downtime – you name it ­– can all impede application performance.

And let’s not forget today’s sophisticated security threats. From DDoS attacks to encrypted malware, there are myriad cyberthreats that can interrupt safe travel for data and applications as they traverse the network.

You must ensure your mission critical data gets to its intended destination as swiftly and securely as possible with no interruption. But how?

Cisco Live EMEA is Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 in Barcelona. A10 Networks will be there showcasing how our solutions and our integrations with Cisco optimize and protect your applications and your data at every stop along the digital journey.

Stop 1: Application Security

You’ll learn how A10 Thunder SSLi dynamically decrypts network traffic, which enables existing security infrastructure, such as Cisco FirePOWER, to see and inspect encrypted traffic to eliminate threats without degrading performance.

You’ll see how A10 Thunder TPS delivers defense against multi-vector DDoS attacks through the market’s highest performance DDoS detection and mitigation. TPS is powerful enough to vanquish today’s massive DDoS attacks while also allowing legitimate user traffic to pass through uninterrupted. It’s surgical DDoS defense at any scale.

Stop 2: Hybrid Cloud

For those whose journey involves a move to the cloud, you’ll learn how A10 Lightning ADC is an unrivaled cloud-native application delivery solution that integrates multi-cloud deployments with DevOps workflow, and how A10 Harmony Controller unlocks multi-cloud management and rich analytics across public, private and hybrid clouds. And A10 Lightning ADC and Harmony Controller integrate with Cisco Cloud Center to simplify multi-cloud deployment, orchestration and management.

Stop 3: Automation

And if modern architectures like SDN and automation are a stop along your journey, A10 works with Cisco to deliver rich application services in a shared multi-tenant environment for SDN deployments. A10 Thunder ADC integrates with Cisco ACI regardless of form factor, giving you the choice of Thunder hardware, virtual or bare metal.

Grab Your Passport and Enjoy the Digital Journey

The digital world doesn’t have to be a scary place. And you don’t have to sacrifice speed and performance for security. A10 Networks has a portfolio of solutions that ensures uninterrupted travel for data throughout your network, and guarantees that it arrives safely at its destination.

A10 Networks is your passport to swift and secure applications. Schedule a demo.



January 3, 2018

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