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A10 vThunder ADC and CGN Products Achieve ‘VMware Ready’ NFV Certification

For enterprises and service providers alike, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is a key initiative along with software-defined networking (SDN) to accelerate time-to-market to roll out new services that grow their business and increase revenue.


NFV has been proven to empower organizations to greatly simplify their operations and reduce costs by running all, or most, networking functions as virtual appliances that can be easily provisioned and integrated regardless of vendor or hypervisor, ultimately making virtualization and cloud computing a breeze.

At A10 Networks, we strive to help our customers take advantage of leading-edge technologies that can help them save money and reduce their technology footprint.

VMware Ready

That’s why we’re excited to announce that A10 Thunder ADC and Thunder CGN (Carrier Grade NAT) products recently achieved VMware Ready status for NFV for enterprise and service provider customers.

A10 is a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner and the VMware Ready program is VMware’s highest level of endorsement that A10 solutions are verified to work well in the VMware infrastructure. This validation allows customers to confidently adopt the integrated solution and realize the benefits of running A10 NFV solutions in a VMware environment.

The VMware Ready for NFV certification highlights that A10’s ADC and CGN products are fully certified and compatible with products from vCloud NFV 1.5, including VMware vSphere 6.0U2, VMware vCloud Director 8.10 for Service Providers and VMware NSX for vSphere 6.2.2.

This seamless integration will help customers leverage A10’s ADC and CGN NFV solutions while realizing the cost savings inherent with virtualized environments.

A10 for NFV

A10 solutions are an integral part of an NFV ecosystem, for example:

  • A10 Networks’ vThunder delivers virtualized network functions like ADC and CGN in a virtual appliance, allowing the virtualization of Layer 4Layer 7 services, which can be chained together to create customized communications services quickly and as needed
  • A10 vThunder ADC provides the front-end intelligence needed to load balance, accelerate and secure many Internet-based applications as well as several critical data center applications
  • A10 vThunder CGN gateways deliver high-performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation that allows enterprises and service providers to extend their IPv4 network connectivity, while simultaneously making the transition to IPv6
  • A10 appliances deliver web application firewall (WAF) capabilities to protect and secure web servers and web applications from malware and threats by providing a layer of control between end users and applications
  • A10 ADC and CGN solutions feature programmability through aXAPI, a REST-based API which enables simpler and faster integration with third-party applications, customer management solutions and interactive infrastructure
  • The vThunder ADC and CGN virtual appliances ensure multi-tenancy and makes it easy to spin up NFV functions per tenant
  • A10 offers various licensing models to give customers the flexibility to choose a model best suited for their business

The A10 Thunder solution set complements the VMware NFV environment perfectly. VMware products deliver ease of deployment of virtual servers and applications for environments that are extremely flexible and manageable, while A10 adds significant value to optimize and secure application delivery.

A10 Harmony and ACOS

ACOS, the operating system that powers A10 solutions, delivers a host of features and capabilities that enable the new era of SDN and cloud computing, while acting as the foundation for virtualized network functions.

And the ACOS-powered A10 Harmony platform enables rapid services integration platform for enterprises, cloud and service provider networks, and empowers developers to more easily integrate intelligent application networking services.

As application infrastructure evolves, enterprises and service providers must have the ability to quickly integrate the application and security services necessary to meet their desired business outcomes.

ACOS and A10 Harmony accelerate service integration and through open and standards-based programmability allow for the integration of third-party services to prototype, test and provision new apps while consolidating application networking and security on a unified platform. Enterprises can deploy on-demand services for applications in different cloud consumption models.

And service providers can leverage virtualized network functions from their choice of vendors to derive efficiency from commercial hardware and simplify network operations through integration with standards-based orchestration platforms and management tools. This unified platform enables dynamic resources and service allocation per tenant, which maximizes infrastructure utilization.

You can find more details about the A10 Networks and VMware NFV solution details on the A10 Networks Technology Partner website and in the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX)