Microsoft Ignite 2018 Targets Digital Business and Telcos

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opened Microsoft Ignite 2018 with advice for busineses on staying relevant amid a world of digital transformation. The business leader backed up his exhortation with the announcement of the Open Data Inititiative, a partnership between Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP that links their products so customers can more easily exchange data between systems.

Interoperable products that enable the easy sharing of data are the essence of digital transformation. At the same time, products that make data easy to share may also make data easier to steal and linked systems easier to overwhelm. A10 has responded to the needs of connected businesses by developing distributed detection that defends data no matter where it’s located.

Another theme at Microsoft Ignite was Microsoft’s foray into the telco market. Telco’s are under pressure to level up their customer experiences by incorporating big data, artificiall intelligence, and chatbots into their ecosystems in order to meet ever-rising customer expectations. The infrastructure required to deliver quality experiences is, however, highly vulnerable to massive DDoS attacks. Telcos in the process of incorporating 5G and IoT into their growth strategies need to be aware that 5G opens the door for attacks faster and larger than any seen before, and IoT involves millions and soon billions of endpoints that are often unprotected. A10 has already worked with global telco providers to help them build defenses that will hold up against these industry-specific threats.

At Microsoft Ignite 2018, A10 security advocate, Don Shin, delivered a talk titled  Maximize Uptime with Automated, Surgical Defenses. He made the point that DDoS attackers have already weaponized IoT devices and legacy security technologies are helpless to stop them. But new techniques that use precision, scalability, and automation are available to prevent debilitating multi-vector DDoS attacks. Telcos that want to protect their businesses and their customers should incorporate modern defenses into their digitial strategies early.

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October 5, 2018

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