Advanced 5G Security Is Fundamental to 5G Success

Gunter Reiss
May 6, 2019

Advanced 5G Security Is Fundamental to 5G Success

5G Security was very top-of-mind at this year’s MWC Barcelona, as I discussed in my blog post about the event. And this is strongly echoed in a recent survey we conducted in partnership with the BPI Network, “Securing the Future of a Smart World.”

Mobile operators see tremendous potential for 5G networks to drive new revenue streams and business models for carriers and their customers. But before that happens, service providers believe they will need to make significant upgrades to their security infrastructures to protect their network core and new mission-critical use cases 5G will enable.

In this global survey of some 145 business and technology leaders, predominately from mobile carriers, it’s clear just how rapidly the industry is now moving toward 5G. It’s also evident that operators believe 5G security is a major challenge and requirement for 5G networks—one that is nearly as fundamental to next-generation networks as higher capacity and throughput.

A10 Networks is well-positioned to play a major role in the coming 5G security upgrade.

The full report and infographic are available for download and to highlight a few key data points:

  • 67% – will deploy their first commercial 5G networks within 18 months and another 20 percent within two years.
  • 94% – expect growth in network traffic, connected devices and mission-critical IoT use cases to significantly increase security and reliability concerns for 5G networks.
  • 79% – say 5G security is currently an investment consideration


Operators see significant new revenue streams and service models coming with 5G.

  • 67% say overall growth of the mobile market will be a top benefit
  • 59% point to better customer service
  • 43% say new business models


New IoT use cases that leverage massive machine-type communications (MMTC) and ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) services are seen as major drivers for the adoption of 5G. Top drivers for 5G security include:

  • 61% – Smart cities
  • 48% – Industrial automation and smart manufacturing
  • 39% – High-speed connectivity
  • 37% – Connected vehicles
  • 35% – Fixed wireless


AI-Driven Automation at Hyperscale

We are playing a major role globally in helping to define and build the new infrastructure for 5G security. It is clear that mobile operators see huge revenue and services opportunities across the entire ecosystem with 5G, but security is a critical hurdle they must cross.

We can address both existing 4G and emerging 5G requirements with consolidated security solutions (ADC, Carrier-Grade NAT, DPI and DDoS), AI-driven automation at hyperscale across the Gi-LAN, virtualized evolved packet core and multi-access edge computing environment and lower latency. We have been delivering Gi/SGi-firewalls and DDoS at hyperscale to major mobile operators around the world, enabling them to prepare their networks for secure 5G commercial services. The three largest Korean mobile operators are currently the trailblazers in 5G and selected our Gi/SGi firewall to protect their 5G infrastructure.

In summary, the independent 5G survey demonstrates service providers understand that advanced security is fundamental to the success of 5G, and we are laser focused on delivering those advanced capabilities across the globe.

Gunter Reiss
May 6, 2019

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Gunter Reiss was A10’s vice president of worldwide marketing from 2016-2020. He has more than 20 years of success in international business development and global sales with technology expertise in the mobile, IP networking, SDN, cloud and IT industries. Read More

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