Dawn of a New Threat: The IoT DDoS Invasion

Dawn of a New Threat: The IoT DDoS Invasion

The game has changed. Attackers now weaponize connected devices to launch destructive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Massive botnets can be created from these unsecured IoT devices to launch damaging DDoS attacks. A10 calls this phenomenon the DDoS of Things (DDoT).

Discover the mass destruction – at scale – in this infographic

Connected devices are everywhere – our homes, our offices and our vehicles. We even wear them willingly. These devices were designed to solve a problem; they weren’t invented with security in mind. Threat actors look for any edge they can get over their targets – and IoT-based DDoS attacks have become a major cybersecurity concern.

DDoS attacks continue to be a major money-maker for threat actors, while the cost of launching attacks have decreased to as low as $25 per hour. Downtime continues to plague companies, yet organizations are caught between a rock and a hard place – having to mitigate and manage attacks and dealing with potentially irate users who are denied access to tools they rely on to run their businesses.

No matter where you live, or what industry you operate in, you’re at risk of DDoS attacks. In the latter half of 2017 98 countries were attacked; no industry is immune to these devastating attacks.

Defend Against the DDoS of Things

DDoS attacks damage you revenue, brand and user experience. Fight back and protect your network and applications against DDoS attacks.

A10 DDoS Protection Cloud provides our customers an on-demand cloud DDoS scrubbing solution that, when combined with the precise, surgical defense of our on-premise A10 Thunder TPS solutions, delivers the world’s highest performance full spectrum DDoS protection.

Defend your network against attacks of any size and any type, including IoT-fueled and multi-vector DDoS attacks. With A10 DDoS Protection Cloud and A10 Thunder TPS, you can eradicate megabit to terabit DDoS attacks before they wreak havoc.


A10 PSIRT Team
March 7, 2018

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