A10 Networks Eases Application Delivery and Security in Oracle Cloud

Earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Oracle to bring the A10 vThunder® ADC and A10 Harmony Controller® to the Oracle Cloud as part of its Infrastructure as a Service offering. Flash-forward a few months: we are a Silver partner and currently the ONLY certified and tested application delivery controller/load balancer for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In addition, we have secured the first strategic win with a New York-based technology services company. The company was making the move to Oracle Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering and needed a high-performance load balancing solution that supported the customers unique requirements.

When advanced ADC capabilities are required, A10 can provide OCI customers with stability, performance and availability needed. A10 Networks provides a complete solution for cloud or multi-cloud environments: elasticity, business continuity and disaster recovery, application support, advanced load balancing, protocol support, application security and network/infrastructure security – all with migration services. We can also help customers migrate F5’s iRules to A10 Networks’ logic with minimal interruption.

Customers have a choice in public cloud providers. Oracle has been building an integrated IT stack for years, starting with its relational database technology and growing to include Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and the largest, most complete set of industry and business applications software on the market.

Through joint engagement with A10 Networks, Oracle will be able to offer customers a high-performance application delivery controller with the deep visibility and centralized management from the A10 Harmony Controller for their cloud or multi-cloud infrastructures.


August 26, 2019

About Ken Ludeman

Ken Ludeman is an accomplished IT and security professional with more than two decades of experience leading the design and implementation of various solutions and programs. He currently serves as regional sales director for A10 Networks’ cloud team. READ MORE