What Do Arista, FireEye, FlowTraq, IBM Security, Ping Identity, RSA, Symantec, Vectra, Venafi, and Webroot Have in Common?

All of these leaders have joined forces with us to solve today’s most serious security challenges. On October 14th, A10 Networks launched the new A10 Security Alliance to draw attention to security challenges and create a framework to address them.

Organizations today cannot depend on a single technology to keep their networks and their users secure. They need to build a multi-layered defense that can identify and block attacks targeting all of the weak points in their infrastructure. The A10 Security Alliance can help organizations do precisely that. A10 Networks has partnered with leading security solution providers to construct a cross-vendor framework for data center security. The A10 Security Alliance empowers organizations like yours to develop an ironclad defense against cyber threats.

Validated and Documented Interoperability

Enterprise networks have become increasingly interconnected. Networking, application delivery, and security products must all work together seamlessly. Security engineers and networking operators want to avoid surprises or interoperability issues that could disrupt access or delay product implementations.

To that end, A10 has validated interoperability with its alliance partners, assuring joint customers that A10 Thunder ADC and Thunder TPS will work together with their existing authentication, intelligence, SSL certificate management, networking solutions, and more. For many partners, A10 has developed deployment guides, solution briefs, or reference architectures that will streamline the design and deployment of joint solutions.

Shining a Light on SSL Insight

SSL traffic today accounts for 25 – 35% of all network communications, according to NSS Labs, and yet many security devices are blind to this traffic. Organizations have realized that encryption exposes an enormous gap in their defenses because attackers can conceal their attacks in SSL traffic.

A10 Networks has collaborated with leading security vendors like FireEye, IBM Security and RSA to provide visibility into SSL traffic and ensure that no threat goes undetected. Included as a feature of the A10 Thunder Application Deliver Controller (ADC), A10’s SSL Insight technology enables IBM QRadar Incident Forensics, RSA Security Analytics and the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform to inspect encrypted traffic. With SSL Insight, FireEye, IBM Security, and RSA customers can eliminate the blind spot imposed by SSL encryption.

Learn more about the A10 Security Alliance

To view the complete list of A10 Security Alliance partners and to download associated solution briefs and deployment guides, visit A10 Technology Partnerships. Additional information is also available on the A10 Security Alliance page.


October 14, 2014

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