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TLS/SSL Decryption Essential for Strong Zero Trust Strategy

Cyber security in the era of hyper connectivity at ET CISO Annual Virtual Summit 2020

The new era of hyper connectivity and current times of the of COVID 19 crisis have led to complexities and new volumes in cyber attacks. Hence, securing an enterprise’s critical data has become more critical and challenging than ever before. Cyberattacks can’t be addressed with just ad hoc, traditional and limited point solutions anymore. To effectively counter hackers, security needs to be embedded into a new digital culture. Join A10 Networks at the 3rd Edition of ET CISO Annual Virtual Summit 2020, India’s largest CIO event, to learn about the best cybersecurity strategies/approaches to keep organizations safe in real time.

This year’s ET CISO Annual Summit themed, “Cybersecurity in the Era of Hyper Connectivity” has been conceptualized to underline how critical it is to evolve cybersecurity approaches, and ensure infosec is put at the center of an organization’s enterprise and digital transformation initiatives. A10 Networks is participating at the event, delivering sessions on “Zero Trust Security Strategies” and demonstrating best-in-class security solutions that can help protect organizations against the latest threats.

Join A10 Networks’ Shaji Ranjan for a panel discussion on “Zero Trust Security Strategies”

Today’s enterprises require a new way of securing themselves. Companies don’t have corporate data centers serving a contained network of systems but instead today typically have some applications on-premises and some in the cloud with users – employees, partners, customers – accessing applications from a range of devices from multiple locations and even potentially from around the globe. In such a scenario, Zero Trust Network or Zero Trust Architecture is becoming more critical than ever before. Join the panel discussion comprising of panelists, CISOs & CIOs from renowned companies, along with Shaji Ranjan, regional sales manager, A10 Networks. The panel will discuss the various facets of this cybersecurity architecture.

  • On Friday, June 05 from 01:00 pm – 01:30 pm

Don’t miss the deep-dive session on “Zero Trust, Compliance and the TLS Blind Spot,” by A10 Networks’ Babur Khan

  • On Friday, June 05 from 1:30 pm – 1:45 pm

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See you at ETCISO Annual Summit 2020

In the digital age, IT security is everyone’s business. Come witness how A10 Networks can secure yours.