Highlighting Machine Learning and AI in Cybersecurity at RMCS 2019

Tracy Schriver
January 14, 2019

Highlighting Machine Learning and AI in Cybersecurity at RMCS 2019

At this year’s Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity Symposium industry and DoD experts will delve into machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and describe how they can bolster cybersecurity. A10 Networks will be on hand to demonstrate its latest AI-driven solutions and show how it uses Intelligent Automation to fortify defenses in today’s increasingly complex security environments.

Visit A10 in Booth 77 | Colorado Springs, Feb. 4 – 7, 2019

Intelligent Automation

A10 Networks mission is: “To enable Intelligent Automation with machine learning to ensure that business-critical applications are protected, reliable, and always available.” Machine learning drives unprecedented analytical insights, while automation correlates and leverages them to proactively defend networks and make IT teams more nimble.

Solving Critical Challenges with Intelligent Automation

A10 Networks leverages machine learning, AI, and its Harmony Controller to automate a full range of security-related functions:

  • Keeping Secure – For network security, Intelligent Automation turns historical data into the automatic detection and mitigation of threats ranging from DDoS attacks and malware infiltration to the intrusive hacking of networked assets. IT organizations leverage distributed intelligence to identify and thwart previously unknown cyber threats on the fly. The tracking and profiling of attack traffic, discovery of anomalies, creating security incident tickets, and generating follow-up reports — everything is automated, and machine learning is always on for continuous improvement.
  • Being More Agile – Machine learning is the engine that drives the analytics that drive automated ops. By eliminating the need for manual tasks like configuring rules, delivering applications, lifecycle management, and orchestrating workflows between on-premise instances and cloud, IT teams are freed to concentrate on mission-critical projects. Intelligent Automation simplifies IT, increases the agility of DevOps, and enables faster response and troubleshooting.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve – Attackers are now more sophisticated and they learn quickly from their mistakes. Which means that defenders must stay ahead of the learning curve. Machine-learning agents can play a critical role in preempting and protecting networks from Zero-day threats. Via incisive analytics, Intelligent Automation enables organizations to adapt their security posture quickly and with minimal human intervention, all while delivering greater control and visibility into application and network security.

Visit A10 Networks at Booth 77

Be sure to stop by our booth to see how we leverage machine learning and Intelligent Automation to help military and government agencies root out sophisticated threats and regain control of their environments.

AFCEA’s Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium 2019
February 4 – 7
The Broadmoor
A10 Networks Booth 77
Colorado Springs, CO


Tracy Schriver
January 14, 2019

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