A10′s Thunder Series ADCs get SAP certification

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We’re excited that A10 Networks has become the first to announce Application Delivery Controller (ADCs) products certified by SAP’s latest Integrated and Certification Center (ICC) version 2.0 for the Thunder Series ADCs. The SAP certification was conducted within Amazon AWS with our vThunder product using the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Multiple SAP applications that were tested during the comprehensive ICC certification, specifically:

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The A10 Thunder Series integrates with SAP solutions and provides improved application reliability, availability, and security functions for on-premise and cloud solutions from SAP. The availability and security areas had specific tests which had to be passed to complete the certification.

Customers receive the following benefits when deploying A10 Thunder Series ADCs within an SAP-based infrastructure:

Load balancing for critical high availability for application servers, to help prevent application outages affecting users, providing seamless failover to the user

Improved application security by using X.509 certificates and other mechanisms, which authenticates clients prior to connecting to cloud solutions from SAP, ensuring clients are valid for the back-end SAP application

Rapid distribution of client traffic across multiple application servers to provide scalability in an SAP solution environment

In addition to the standard SAP ICC 2.0 certification requirements, A10 Networks was also given the opportunity to demonstrate some of the value-added features within the Thunder ADC, such as DDoS Protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) features. With the Thunder ADC, SAP customers will achieve greater application security from DDoS attacks and the ability to protect SAP applications from attacks over the Web by using the A10 ADC as a reverse proxy defense against common Web server vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting and other OWASP top 10 attacks.

Paul Nicholson
March 28, 2014

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