Automation: The Third Stop on Your Cisco Live EMEA Digital Journey

Automate all the things! Sure, it’s a slogan from a meme, but each day it becomes closer to reality for IT pros.

Using modern software solutions and frameworks, many tasks can now be automated, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual intervention from IT staff.

Automation is hot right now, and at Cisco Live EMEA in Barcelona, it’s sure to be a topic that gets a lot of attention.

The next step in your Cisco Live EMEA digital journey is automation, and how A10 and Cisco can help ease the burden on your stressed IT staff.

Stop 3: Automation

If your digital journey includes modern architectures like SDN (software-defined networking), which promises to create infrastructure that is more agile, flexible and programmable through automation, you’ll want to check in with A10 at Cisco Live EMEA.

A10 works with Cisco to deliver rich application services in a shared multi-tenant environment for SDN deployments. A10 Thunder ADC integrates with Cisco ACI regardless of form factor, giving you the choice of Thunder hardware, virtual or bare metal. This helps you introduce automation into your network.



January 24, 2018

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