Hybrid Cloud: Stop No. 2 on Your Cisco Live Journey

Andrew Hickey
January 18, 2018

Hybrid Cloud: Stop No. 2 on Your Cisco Live EMEA Digital Journey

Hybrid cloud. It’s a term that’s thrown around quite a bit. It’s defined as the ability for enterprises to have applications run in different infrastructures – public clouds and private clouds and on-premise with common orchestration and management tools.

In our cloud predictions for 2018, A10’s Cloud Vice President Kamal Anand notes: “Multi-cloud, with different workloads running in different clouds and being managed separately, will become the dominant mode in 2018, while true hybrid clouds will start to emerge.”

These hybrid clouds will truly blend environments and further improve operational agility, efficiency and scale.

At Cisco Live EMEA in Barcelona, you’ll learn more about the benefits of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Stop 2: Hybrid Cloud

If your digital journey involves a move to the cloud, you’ll learn at Cisco Live EMEA how A10 Lightning ADC is an unrivaled cloud-native application delivery solution that integrates multi-cloud deployments with DevOps workflow, and how A10 Harmony Controller unlocks multi-cloud and management and rich analytics across public, private and hybrid clouds.

A10 Lightning ADC and A10 Harmony Controller integrate with Cisco’s CloudCenter (formerly CliQr), an application-focused cloud management platform that helps in the secure deployment and management of applications in on-premise data center, or in private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

Cisco CloudCenter allows for orchestration of separate infrastructure tasks into a single workflow and integrates existing automations to ensure previous work is not wasted. CloudCenter has built in plug-ins for OEMs like Cisco and VMware so customers can avoid starting over from scratch.

Hear more about A10’s Cisco CloudCenter integration and other hybrid cloud solutions at Cisco Live EMEA.


Andrew Hickey
January 18, 2018

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