Three Reasons You Need DDoS Weapons Intelligence

Donald Shin
April 22, 2019

three reasons you need ddos weapons intelligence

In our previous article in this series on DDoS fundamentals, we discussed ways in which a DDoS defense system can block attacks. One of those involved the application of threat intelligence, but why should you use threat intelligence in the first place?

Here, we’ll explain just that. In short, a DDoS protection system that’s armed with actionable DDoS weapons intelligence can:

  1. Tell you where a DDoS attack is coming from
  2. Blacklist known malicious IP addresses
  3. Identify current DDoS weapons

Let’s explore deeper each of those capabilities.

Three Benefits of DDoS Weapons Intelligence

When used in an intelligent DDoS defense system, threat intelligence is more than just a collection of data: It’s a set of instructions your system can use to better protect your network.

In other words, it’s not just threat intelligence you need, but actionable DDoS weapons intelligence.

Actionable DDoS weapons intelligence can help your DDoS defenses:

  1. Tell you where a DDoS attack is coming from: Before a DDoS attack, you don’t know who’s responsible for the attack, when they’ll strike and why they’re attacking in the first place. However, since DDoS attacks are distributed and use for-hire botnets and exposed servers, the right threat intelligence can tell you where the attack will come from.
  2. Blacklist known malicious IP addresses: By thoroughly examining forensic data and tracking bot herders’ activities through honey pot analysis, threat researchers can tell your DDoS defense systems which IP addresses to a blacklist.
  3. Identify current DDoS weapons: By scanning the internet for current DDoS weapons, threat researchers can give your defense system the information it needs to block even the newest DDoS weapons.

If intelligence can’t be made actionable, then it’s simply informational. By marrying voluminous DDoS weapons intelligence with modern platforms that can ingest the data into blacklists with tens of millions of entries, defenders can be more prepared.

Unfortunately, traditional DDoS defense is similar to firewall ACL and has small 64K blacklisting capabilities.

With actionable intelligence and modern platforms at your disposal, however, you won’t have to sit back idly waiting for the next attack to launch.

Just make sure the defense you choose is capable of blacklisting millions of entries from expansive DDoS weapons intelligence feeds.

You’ll be able to take a proactive approach to your DDoS defenses and drastically increase your chances of stopping DDoS attacks before they start.

Although this marks the end of our three-part series on DDoS, you can still check out our educational videos or read the other two posts in this series:


Donald Shin
April 22, 2019

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