Why SSL Inspection is a Must

Why SSL Inspection is a Must

The amount of encrypted traffic is expected to more than double year over year — jumping from 29 percent last year to 67 percent by the end of 2016. As SSL becomes more pervasive, the need for SSL inspection increases exponentially.

In a recent ZDnet article, “Monitoring SSL traffic now everyone’s concern,” A10 Networks Systems Engineer Tim Blombery explained that bad actors are now leveraging SSL-based encryption to conceal malicious activity, which means enterprises often lack visibility into the traffic that traverses their networks, opening themselves up to a potential attack. Thus, SSL inspection is now a must-have.

“This is becoming an increasing vector for attacks and compromises of networks,” Blombery told ZDNet. “I think SSL offers a very pertinent threat at the moment.”

The article highlighted how A10’s SSL Insight decryption technology, available in the A10 Thunder Convergent Firewall and Thunder SSLi, helps organizations defend against malicious encrypted traffic. SSLi technology enables SSL traffic to be offloaded, decrypted and inspected before it is re-encrypted and sent to its destination. You can learn about SSLi and SSL inspection in this video.

For more, read the full ZDNet article.


Andrew Hickey
August 26, 2016

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