Will COVID-19 Impact Adoption of 5G Security & IPv4 Exhaustion Solutions?

Will COVID-19 Impact Adoption of 5G Services?

A10 Networks employees have been under orders to “shelter in place” and nearly everyone is working from home. All schools are closed, and restaurants are open for takeout only. As my co-workers and friends adjust to this new style of working and connecting, I’ve noticed a willingness to try new technology from people that I think of as very “non-technical.” So, in the long-term, this will bode well for overcoming adoption barriers for 5G. Here are some examples of small companies and individuals that likely would never have explored virtual options for what could be considered “hands on,” non-technical activities:

I’m not alone in thinking that lack of familiarity with new technology or lack of experience in its benefits is being erased as consumers and businesses scramble to quickly come up with alternatives.

Coronavirus Crisis May Slow 5G Deployment

Industry wide, while there are some warnings from GSMA intelligence that the crisis may slow 5G deployment and that consumers are now deeply concerned about their financial situation and so more reluctant to upgrade to 5G, there is plenty of evidence that operators will need to accelerate investment to meet escalating demand and that, over the long term, the industry may actually get a boost as consumers and business are forced to try new ways to stay connected.

Service Providers Struggle with IPv4 Exhaustion and Maintaining 5G Security

Many of our operator customers, including ISPs, cable, mobile and fixed-line service providers, are experiencing some strain to deployed network capacity. Here’s a checklist of potential areas that they have identified and that service providers may need to address in this difficult time:

The A10 Orion Security Suite includes high-performance VNFs for CG-NAT, ADC, firewall, load balancing and traffic steering, and other functions that can protect the network and subscribers. The solutions can scale out by 8X, and when combined with FlexPool® capacity sharing, the solutions help redistribute capacity where needed, as needed.

For me, I’m slowly getting accustomed to using the video camera on my conference calls – even when my office is messy. I’m thinking of organizing a neighborhood “virtual block party” to meet (at a distance) with those neighbors I normally never talk to. What about you? What new ways you have discovered in this stay-at-home crisis? Let me know.

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Terry Young
April 1, 2020

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