A10 Networks at AFCEA DCOS 2018: Multi-Cloud Security

This year’s AFCEA DCOS focused on 3 D’s: Driving innovation, delivering solutions, and defending the cyberdomain.

The defense cyber environment is complex and quick. Vice Admiral Nancy A. Norton, USN, spoke about working closely with industry partners like A10 Networks to conglomerate physical racks of security equipment in regional locations to detect and stop malicious activity in order to keep big data collection and analytics highly available.

The Vice Admiral also addressed the value of MilCloud 2.0, the commercial-grade private cloud built exclusively for defense customers. MilCloud 2.0 allows Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to offer innovative commercial services at a lower cost than its previous cloud offerings.

Security at the Highest Scale

In one month, the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) experiences more than a billion defensive cyber operation events. A10 Networks helps the DOD fulfill its mission of ensuring and enabling communications and information technology anywhere in any environment by allowing the organization to prevent DDoS attacks without impeding network performance or interfering with classified encrypted content.

A10 at DCOS 2018

A10 demoed solutions that military and government agencies can use to protect their networks from encrypted threats and achieve secure application management in a multi-cloud world.

One such solution is the A10 Harmony Controller, which secures application services through centralized management and analytics to provide visibility, agility, and control over applications in multiple clouds and on-premise.

We are proud that our solutions are used to defend these agencies against malicious threats hidden in encrypted traffic and help them achieve secure application management in modern multi-cloud environments at the massive scale they require.

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May 24, 2018

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