TPS 3.1 is here: Do You Have Visibility into DDoS Attacks?

Today, A10 Networks announced a new major release version of Thunder TPS software; version 3.1! I’m really excited as Thunder TPS has been gaining a lot of traction in the market; A10 has added several major accounts, including gaming providers, ISPs and hosting providers. All chose to use Thunder TPS for their DDoS protection strategy. And for good reason; the scalability and versatility of Thunder TPS is really appealing for customers with large networks and technical staff that know what needs to be done when they see DDoS attacks coming into their network.

With Thunder TPS 3.1, the life of TPS users will get even better. We introduced a host of new features that provide more visibility, programmatic control, detection and mitigation options. These visibility improvements include a vast expansion of counters that track almost any aspect of network packets it can get see, such as how many sessions are created (for both IPv4 *and* IPv6 of course) and a plethora of drop-counters… anyway, the total list is pretty long… The point is, that you can use these statistics to drill down into what is happening in your network, and what shape the anomaly has so as you can modify your policies to your liking.

Here a list of what’s new, for your enjoyment:





Thunder TPS 3.1 is available now, for more details or try it now please contact us at sales@a10networks.


Paul Nicholson
November 25, 2014

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