Right-Size and Strengthen Your DDoS Defenses

DDoS Attacks

Multi-vector DDoS attacks are a systemic issue for organizations of all sizes. Attackers are savvy and constantly evolve, going so far as to share success tactics with other bad actors on the dark web. At the same time, attacks continually grow in size and breadth, which makes it difficult to stay ahead of the bad guys once they set their sights on your company.

Recent research indicates that spending on DDoS defenses is increasing as multi-vector attacks become the norm; in fact, DDoS protection is the fastest growing sector in the cybersecurity market.

How do you protect your organization and network from the debilitating effects of multi-vector DDoS attacks?

Rethink Your DDoS Strategy

Security teams demand solutions that can stand up against increasingly destructive threat actors and DDoS attacks.

A10 Thunder TPS enables IT organizations to quickly detect, manage, and mitigate attacks. TPS uses more than three dozen threat intelligence sources to block malicious traffic and monitors performance and security baselines with 28 behavioral indicators – considerably more than A10’s competitors – inspecting suspicious traffic and escalating policies to help avoid legitimate traffic drops and eliminate false positives.

A10’s continued innovation in DDoS protection comes at the right time. Security teams face increasing sophistication from adversaries responsible for DDoS attacks, and they are in need of improved protection, augmented mitigation capacity, SecOps-friendly automation, and reduction in false positives.

Putting TPS to the Test

Recently, Ixia ran A10’s premier DDoS protection product, the A10 Thunder 14045 TPS, through a battery of tests using its Ixia BreakingPoint security testing platform and methodology. Here’s just a snapshot of the fantastic results (download the full report for more):

Join Us to Learn from the Experts

A panel of A10 and Ixia experts will present a live webinar Wednesday, Nov. 15, digging deeper into why you should rethink your current DDoS defense approach. This exclusive session will feature a short demo of how A10 Thunder TPS can withstand a large-scale DDoS attack, using the Ixia BreakingPoint test system.

This webinar will feature Amritam Putantunda, Ixia Technical Product Manager, alongside Don Shin, A10 Senior Product Marketing Manager and Takahiro Mitsuahata, A10 Technical Marketing Manager.


Learn more about A10’s Thunder TPS. And for more on Ixia’s test methodology, download the full report.


A10 Staff
November 9, 2017

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