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Secure Service Mesh

Load Balancing and Security in Kubernetes

A10 Networks Secure Service Mesh provides load balancing and traffic management, integrated security, and traffic analytics with actionable insights for microservices-based application deployed in Kubernetes.

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Key Benefits of Secure Service Mesh

Operational Simplicity

Simplified and automated enterprise-grade traffic management with auto service discovery, config synchronization and policy control within a dynamic Kubernetes infrastructure.

Visibility for Faster Troubleshooting

Intelligent analytics with actionable insights to proactively identify issues, streamline troubleshooting and effectively meet capacity requirements in Kubernetes environment.

Enhanced Security

Enforced micro-segmentation policies and auto encryption of traffic between microservices to enhance application security and privacy between microservices across nodes.


Four Key Considerations for Advanced Load Balancing and Traffic Insights for Kubernetes

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure application availability and security
  • Easily drilldown to contextual data and quickly pin-point problem areas
  • Automate and expediate app deployment
  • Simplify and make your IT operations more agile
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