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Lower Risk and Higher ROI

Lower Risk and Higher ROI

  • Reduce OPEX with extreme performance in a small form factor using less power, rack space and cooling.
  • Inspect, stop and redirect traffic without slowing the network.
  • Lower TCO with industry-best 300 Gbps at 440 Mpps hardware acceleration.
Scalable and Integrated

Scalable and Integrated

  • Protect your IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols, allowing you to securely scale-out more data and more devices.
  • Minimize manual efforts with automated mitigation and escalation based on 28 behavioral indicators.
  • Integrate with 3rd parties using a RESTful aXAPI.


  • Unique approach to full-spectrum multi-vector DDoS defense.
  • Distributed detection capabilities within targeted infrastructure, including A10 Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN, and CFW.
  • Fully automated and orchestrated with aGalaxy TPS management platform.

Key Features of Thunder TPS

#1 Intelligent Automation

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  • Automated service discovery eliminates cumbersome manual provisioning
  • Always-on adaptive learning provides real-time adaptive traffic learning
  • Proactive Dynamic Attack Pattern Recognition (DAPR) thwart zero-day attacks
  • Progressive five-level mitigation escalation applies the right level of mitigation to prevent collateral damage against users
  • 100 percent REST API coverage - for SecOps, on-box GUI, CLI, or to manage all your TPS devices



#2 Precision

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  • More than 27 tracked traffic indicators to eliminate detection errors
  • Protects legitimate users with progressive five-level mitigation escalation
  • Always-on adaptive learning with protected service discovery
  • Up to 96 million entry class-list (48x the competition) with current, accurate DDoS threat intelligence service of known DDoS weapons
  • Safeguard against subtle Layer 7 attacks such as Slowloris and Torshammer

#3 Performance

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  • Industry’s highest density 220 Gbps 1RU appliance
  • Just one 3RU 300 Gbps with 440 Mpps Thunder TPS provides the DDoS protection of dozens from the competition
  • 6Mfps flow-based detector (22x the competition)
  • Up to 3,000 protected zones (15x the competition)
  • 128M concurrent tracked sessions (7x the competition)
  • Cluster up to eight Thunder TPS models to boost capacity to 2.4 Tbps




#4 Integration

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  • Distributed detection capabilities throughout the infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN, and CFW
  • Open RESTful aXAPI®
  • Integrate with tools such as tcpdump or Wireshark
  • Export packet statistics using sFlow and NetFlow based protocols
  • Share logs with the industry standard Common Event Format (CEF)

Customer Story

CASE STUDY: Layer 3 Creates New Revenue Stream

Layer 3


Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer DDoS protection as a service. Layer 3’s clients required on-demand DDoS prevention they could spin up during crucial timeframes without the restrictions of annual licenses or the burden of continual charges.

The A10 Solution

Layer 3 chose Thunder TPS 4435 for its cost-effectiveness and high-performance. Its integration features allowed them to build DDoS defense on-demand. Layer 3 was able to create a competitive new revenue stream and boost client satisfaction.

Ultimate DDoS Protection with Cloud Scrubbing Service

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On-premises DDoS protection alone may not mitigate a large volumetric attack. Protect your organization when attacks grow past your bandwidth capacity. Offload mitigation to a terabit-scale service for large volumetric attacks.

DDoS Monitoring & Defense Management

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View a dashboard of DDoS attacks in real time. Streamline monitoring and management for up to 20 Thunder TPS devices. Consolidate all management tasks into a single pane of glass to simply apply consistent policies across all your DDoS devices.


Thunder TPS Hardware Configurations

Wide variety of deployment models to fit any data center.

  • Throughput: 5 Gbps – 300 Gbps
  • Mitigation Performance: 4 Mpps – 440 Mpps
  • Monitored Sessions: 2 Million – 128 Million

Virtualized Thunder TPS Software

vThunder, the virtualized Thunder TPS, offers a flexible, easy-to-deploy appliance featuring advanced on-demand services for any data center.
Supported hypervisors:

  • VMware ESXi 5.5 or higher
  • Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher

A10 Thunder TPS Specifications

Deployment Models


See a demonstration of DDoS Protection from A10. Sign up for your one-on-one session with the Thunder TPS.


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