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Test Report: Testing DDoS Defense Effectiveness at 300 Gbps Scale and Beyond

To combat the swell in DDoS activity, organizations must make new investments in DDoS defense solutions. But which vendor solution is best? Defenders need proven data to ensure they’re investing in solutions that are more effective, scalable and that make economic sense. Ixia Communications ran a battery of tests to determine the effectiveness of the A10 Thunder 14045 TPS, the industry’s highest performance DDoS mitigation appliance.


For this report, Ixia assaulted the A10 Thunder 14045 TPS with a barrage of volumetric, network protocol and application attacks – real-world attack traffic – using the Ixia BreakingPoint security and applications testing platform. Fifteen challenging DDoS attack vectors where applied at scales of up to 310+ Gbps with 360,000 attacking agents. Read this report and find out how A10 Thunder 14045 TPS weathered the storm.


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