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Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network Now for 5G Success

Unlike previous generational changes, the 5G rollout will be an evolutionary process—think of it not as a destination but a journey. However, mobile operators should not wait until the marketplace shakes out—that just gives competitors the first-mover advantage.

The winning strategy is to act NOW. By carefully investing in upgrades to support specific 5G use cases, network operators can monetize their existing 4G/LTE infrastructure and modernize in preparation for the eventual migration to a full 5G architecture.

For once, the hype may be an understatement: 5G promises to transform our world in ways that are virtually impossible to imagine. Projections from industry analysts are stunning: 27.1 billion connections by 2021 and more than $1.3 trillion revenues for mobile operators by 2025, which represents $160 annual spend for every human being on earth.


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Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network Now for 5G Success | A10 Networks