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Four Pillars for a Modern DDoS Protection Strategy

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks plague organizations of all sizes, and across all industries. The frequency, intensity and sophistication of modern attacks―and the attackers―threaten the most crucial aspect of running an online business: 24/7 availability.

The internet of things (IoT) exacerbates this problem. The question most asked by businesses: how do shrewd attackers weaponize connected devices and hijack them to do their bidding? The answer: by harnessing unsecured devices and turning them into massive botnets capable of launching paralyzing DDoS attacks that can exceed 1 terabit per second (Tbps).

In response to current attack complexity and intensity, and growing concerns over the fallout from a major DDoS attack, businesses are expanding their security defenses. A recent survey found that 74% of business say they are increasing their security spending to combat these unrelenting threats.

Yet the questions remain: how do you choose the correct DDoS defense solution for your business? What makes one solution better than another? This white paper will help you understand the four critical considerations needed for evaluating DDoS solutions.

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