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Secure Application Delivery in Private Cloud

Private clouds extend the use of on-premises architectures to allow businesses to grow and meet the global demand for application delivery.


A10 Networks’ application delivery controller (ADC) solutions help you combine the flexibility and controls of a private cloud with secure, high performance, and advanced load balancing capabilities to deliver stellar application experiences.

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Operational Complexity of Securely Scaling Private Clouds

Applications benefit from the flexibility, control, and scale of private clouds. However, they still face complexity, visibility, and security challenges.

Security and Reliability

Deploying applications into cloud infrastructures do not eliminate security and reliability concerns. Legacy load balancers lack advanced security policies and predicable responsiveness controls across the entire cloud infrastructure.

Deployment Complexity

IT infrastructure administrators need to empower application teams with a self-service model that employs integrated load balancing, security, and analytics to enhance agility while providing per-application visibility and insights.

Limited Visibility

Managing business applications can significantly drive up operational costs without constant monitoring and deep visibility. Legacy load balancing products don’t provide centralized views of performance gaps with real-time analytics.

Private Cloud Platform Supported

The A10 Networks ADC optimizes the delivery and security of cloud applications and services across your private cloud infrastructure.

Delta Dental Case Study, Optimizes Applications and Simplifies Operations
Case Study

Delta Dental Optimizes Applications and Simplifies Operations

Lacked single pane-of-glass management to ensure application availability, performance and integrated security for dental practice software and e-commerce websites.


Delta Dental chose Thunder ADC with the Harmony Controller. This allowed them to work smarter, helping dentists to process claims and verify eligibility quickly. It simplified IT operations and increased the agility of the DevOps team with centralized software-defined functions.

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