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A10 Transcend 2020: Tips & Tricks Webinar

Automate Multi-cloud Application Delivery Using HashiCorp Terraform & Consul

This session demonstrates application network automation using A10 Thunder® ADC’s integration with DevOps tools, featuring integration with HashiCorp Consul & Terraform and support for Oracle Cloud for smart hybrid cloud/multi-cloud deployment.

Using HashiCorp Terraform & Consul

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In this webinar you will learn about:

A10 Polynimbus Architecture

A10 Polynimbus Architecture

What is a polynimbus multi-cloud application service architecture and how it works?

DevOps Demo 1

DevOps Demo 1

Native integration with Consul, allowing dynamic ADC config based on service discovery

DevOps Demo 2

DevOps Demo 2

Instantiate vThunder on Oracle Cloud using Terraform and form GSLB for multi-cloud operation

Multi-cloud Application Service Network
Automation Using DevOps Tools

DevOps tools are critical components for automation and agile service and operation. This session demonstrates the recent A10 integration with DevOps tools such as Consul and Terraform in a hybrid-cloud environment using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Taka Mitsuhata - Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing


Taka Mitsuhata
Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing
A10 Networks