Configuring Management Port on ACOS

Standard Thunder configurations select a specific network interface to act as the Management port.  Management ports provide a set of services including:

  • SSH access for command line management (including public key authentication)
  • SMTP for email alerts
  • Web GUI access
  • SNMP and other management protocols
  • Software upgrades

This management interface cannot be used to route traffic.

The management interface must also reside on a unique IP subnet.  If attempting to configure an interface with the same IP subnet, the following error message will be displayed:

“IP Address already configured on an Interface”

If network architectures require sharing an IP subnet with both Management and network traffic ports, then a standard interface can be configured to support Management functions.

Example ACOS commands to enable the Management port

enable-management service ssh
  ethernet 3

enable-management service http
  ethernet 3

enable-management service https
  ethernet 3

The above commands enable access to the A10 Thunder system with an SSH session and via a web browser.

A complete list of services available for management are:

enable-management service ?
  acl-v4  IPv4 ACL service
  acl-v6  IPv6 ACL service
  http    HTTP service
  https   HTTPS service
  ping    Ping service
  snmp    SNMP service
  ssh     SSH service
  telnet  Telnet service