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Secure Application Delivery in Public Cloud

You can deliver consistent application experiences with our public cloud application delivery solutions that provide security, high performance and availability.


Operational Complexity of Moving to Public Clouds

Applications deployed in public clouds provide various benefits without a huge investment in infrastructure, however they still face reliability, consistency and security challenges.

Management Inconsistencies

Native load balancing services offered by public cloud providers do not work across multiple clouds, and lack advanced features needed for consistent user experience in all environments. With most organizations operating in multiple public cloud environments, managing and simplifying operations, and applying optimal policies across different public clouds can be extremely challenging.

Lack of Visibility

Managing business applications can significantly drive up operational costs without constant monitoring and deep visibility. Native load balancing solutions from public cloud providers function only within their own cloud boundary, organizations lack a central view of performance visibility and real-time analytics across multiple clouds.

Disparate Security Policies

Deploying applications in a public cloud does not eliminate security concerns. Cloud-based applications are vulnerable and need protection since public cloud providers are only responsible for securing their own infrastructure.

Public cloud load balancers not only lack advanced security policies and micro-segmentation but they also do not provide unified traffic policies across different public clouds.

Cash Goes Virtual Case Study for A10 Lightning ADC

Cash Goes Virtual

PayNearMe, a financial technology provider, implemented the Lightning ADC to manage, control and secure workloads in a public cloud, significantly reduce operating expenses.

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