A10 Networks’ New Third-generation SSL/TLS Solutions at the Heart of Award Winners, Demonstrating Landmark Performance and Support of Advanced Encryption Technologies

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 8, 2017 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a Secure Application Servicesâ„¢ company, announced today it has been awarded the Interop Tokyo Best of Show Grand Prize in the Performance Optimization category for the A10 Thunder 4440S ADC.  A10 Networks was also awarded Second Prize for A10 Thunder 14045 CGN in the Carrier/ISP Networking category.

Both awards validate the performance of A10’s third-generation SSL/TLS solutions, which were announced globally earlier this week and spotlighted heavily at Interop Tokyo. The new SSL/TLS solutions are included in the new A10 Thunder models, which deliver nearly twice the performance of comparable products from competitors for advanced encryption, dramatically reducing the cost per connection. These third-generation SSL/TLS products outperform competitors in connections per second (CPS), bulk throughput, and other key areas. They also support modern ciphers and technologies, including Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), which are used by 85 percent of encrypted traffic.

Interop Tokyo Best of Show Awards recognize the excellence of participating companies’ products that have been released in 2017. Awards are given to the most outstanding products and services on display at Interop Tokyo, following the judging process by influential members of the IT industry.

A10 Networks Thunder 4440S Awarded Best of Show Grand Prize for Performance Optimization 
According to the judges, the A10 Thunder 4440S ADC improves performance and meets the increasing demands of PFS. The judges added that the new Thunder 4440S ADC performed 1.5 times faster than competitors’ products in the same price range.

In a live demonstration that ran for more than nine continuous hours, the A10 Thunder 4440S ADC showed unwavering stability with no recorded failures – unsuccessful connections were zero. In the demo, A10 was the only vendor that showed it can offer high-performance SSL acceleration using PFS, which requires three times the computing resources than RSA. A10 was able to demonstrate 42,000 SSL connections per second using the cipher TLS1_ECDHE_ECDSA_AES_128_SHA256.

A10 Networks Thunder 14045 Wins Second Prize for Carrier/ISP Networking 
According to the Interop Tokyo judges, the live demo of the A10 Thunder 14045 CGN showed impressive performance scalability of 307 Gbps, which is better than the product’s listed 300 Gbps.

Additionally, the judges said the Thunder 14045 CGN’s IPv4 preservation and IPv6 migration capabilities make it timely for service providers and mobile carriers looking to deliver IPv6 services to subscribers. The Thunder 14045 CGN also reduces CapEx by combining support for IPv6 full cone session control to provide tight security and CGNAT in a single box, the judges said.

A10 Thunder CGN (Carrier Grade Networking) gateways help service providers preserving IPv4 addresses and provide seamless migration to IPv6, and are included with integrated DDoS protection for performance and session scalability that can deliver up to 60 percent savings in just four years.

Interop ShowNet Sponsor and Interop Tokyo Demos
A10 Networks is also a sponsor of the Interop Tokyo ShowNet, a comprehensive Internet technology demonstration at Interop Tokyo that features a wide range of equipment and services from Interop Tokyo’s exhibitors, and also serves as the network backbone for the event. A10 contributed engineering support to assist with the network, as well as a list of products that includes:

 Along with these two award-winning solutions, A10 is demoing more solutions throughout Interop Tokyo, which runs through Friday, June 9. A10 is also showcasing its A10 Harmony Controller bridging cloud and on-premise environments using AWS with A10 vThunder and A10 Lightning Application Delivery Controller on Microsoft Azure; A10 Thunder TPS flow detection and mitigation; A10 Thunder CGN to scale out technology using vThunder; and an A10 Thunder SSLi with Cylance security demo.

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