Third-generation SSL/TLS Solutions Provide Up To Twice the Performance for Advanced Encryption Compared to Competitors — at a Lower Cost

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 5, 2017 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a Secure Application Servicesâ„¢ company, today introduced third-generation SSL/TLS hardware solutions to help organizations overcome the challenges of providing advanced SSL decryption and encryption for both application acceleration and security visibility. The rapid adoption of highly secure and compute-intensive standards, such as Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and App Transport Security (ATS), require organizations to meet this demand or risk losing increasingly security-conscious customers.

The Internet has seen an explosion of SSL encryption with up to 70 percent of traffic now being encrypted.  Cipher suite analysis also shows more than 85 percent of encrypted traffic is using ECC and PFS. There are many reasons why encryption adoption is climbing. For example, websites with encryption garner more favorable page rankings in Google searches. Another example could be a lack of ATS support potentially affecting app listing in the Apple App Store.  Ignoring encrypting traffic can directly impact a business’s revenue.

The third-generation SSL processors are available in select A10 Thunder® hardware appliances. Existing customers can upgrade select Thunder appliances. Unlike competitive solutions, A10’s “SSL modularity,” helps existing customers scale to accommodate future traffic without a forklift upgrade to replace their existing appliance, offering true investment protection and savings. A10’s new SSL solutions are available for Thunder ADC (Application Delivery Controller), Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight), and Thunder CFW (Convergent Firewall) product lines.

A10 Thunder ADC’s application delivery and server load balancing functionality ensures application acceleration by offloading compute-intensive SSL/TLS processing from web servers.  This ensures fast and secure responses to customer requests. A10 Thunder SSLi provides visibility into encrypted traffic for a wide range of security vendors by eliminating the SSL blind spot, protecting enterprise users from attacks.

“Organizations cannot risk losing business by having to choose between security and performance, and now they don’t have to,”said Raj Jalan, CTO of A10 Networks. “High-profile data breaches have made one thing clear: The need for stronger encryption is here to stay. Our latest encryption solutions support the latest ciphers at scale, maintaining performance alongside the ability to offload traffic or allow for the inspection of encrypted traffic for potential threats.”

Solution highlights include:


Third-generation SSL options are available now for the following Thunder ADC, Thunder SSLi, and Thunder CFW appliances:

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