Meet ACOS:

Modern application delivery and performance requires unwavering flexibility, agility and security. These requirements are increasingly crucial as you consider how to address software-defined, open source, cloud and other networking demands.

The A10 Networks Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) proves its future-proof mettle by providing the agility and efficiency to protect and deliver applications. And because of A10’s open APIs, our products can work with any standards-based infrastructure.


It’s Flexible

Because not all environments are the same.

  • Flexibility of form factor

    Physical, virtual and bare metal

  • Flexible consumption models

    On-premise and in the cloud

  • Flexible licensing models

    Perpetual, subscription and pay-per-use

Cloud Ready Graphic

It's powerful

More processing power per rack unit delivers superior performance.

Cloud Ready Graphic
  • Deliver applications ad services at amazing speeds

  • Powerful multicore, 64-bit design scales efficiency and decouples architecture

  • Powerful multi-tenancy with more than 1,000 partitions

It's threat smart

Security for your business and applications.

  • Intelligently detects threats and attacks

  • Blocks attacks before they take root

  • Continuously updated to stay steps ahead

Cloud Ready Graphic
Cloud Ready Graphic

It’s operationally superior

Cloud or no cloud

  • Feature parity across all deployment scenarios

    Physical, software and cloud

  • Eas-to-use operational interface

    aFLeX simplifies setting highly granular policies

  • Fully programmable platforms

    aXAPIs enable interoperability with third-party tools


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