Instructs Network Operators and System Administrators for deploying A10 ACOS devices in data center environments in preparation for additional application-oriented implementation. Provides the necessary foundation for teams continuing onto ACOS application courses.

Full list of course’s technical topics: SysAdmin 2.7 Course Outline


From a set of three blank ACOS devices, students build a system deployment with these attributes:

  • Layer 2 – 3 environment including VLANs, and IP routing
  • Device cluster environment with a single management point
  • High availability with multiple active devices
  • Multi-tenant environment with limited-scope administration
  • Remote authentication and authorization

Students also use device tools that monitor, diagnose, and restore the system configuration.

Class Structure

  • Classroom Discussion     40%
  • Lab Exercises     60%


  • OSI reference model
  • Network topology and administration
  • An industry standard switching and routing CLI


  • Network Operations
  • Development Operations
  • Network Security
  • Students preparing for Application Courses

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