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Customer Success Story

Shared Services Canada

Large scale SSLi solution to modernize and safeguard business operations
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Large-scale SSLi Solution


  • Providing consistent internet services to government agencies and Canadian citizens
  • Needed to address requirements for traffic visibility and infrastructure security

Business Impact

  • Modernized and secured the operations of the Canadian government with over 450,000 users

Why A10

  • Delivered the best price/performance
  • Performance scale from 20 Gbps to 100 Gbps SSLi throughput
  • A10 Networks partner, INSA, integrated the winning solution

A10 products selected to solve their challenge

Application Delivery

Thunder® ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers) are high-performance solutions to accelerate and optimize critical applications to ensure delivery and reliability.

SSL Insight

Thunder® SSLi® is the market’s most comprehensive decryption solution. SSLi decrypts traffic and enables security devices to analyze it without compromising performance.

Service Analytics & Management

Harmony™ Controller delivers centralized management and analytics for secure application services in public, private and hybrid clouds.