What is aFleX?

  • aFleX is a powerful and flexible AX Series feature that you can use to manage your traffic and provide enhanced benefits and services.
  • aFleX uses industry-standard Tcl (Tools Command Language) based syntax.
    • Standard Tcl commands
    • Special set of extensions provided by the AX device
  • aFleX allows:
    • Content inspection (headers / data)
    • Actions on traffic
      • Block traffic
      • Redirect traffic to a specific service group (pool) or server (node)
      • Modify traffic content

Advantages of using aFleX?
aFleX policies allow you to exercise more granular control of packet inspection and traffic load balancing. The benefits can be, but are not limited to:

  • Higher Availability
    • Provide an unavailable/sorry page when all servers or applications are not responding or are down.
    • Redirect end-users to the backup data center if all servers or applications are not responding or are down.
  • Higher Security
    • Block specific end-users and/or specific client traffic.
  • Higher Flexibility
    • Transparently convert an HTTP web application to HTTPS
    • Provide persistency  for a specific application
    • Forward specific end-users and/or specific client traffic to a specific pool of servers or specific server in a pool
    • Transparently add a new hostname to an existing Web site
  • Higher Performance
    • Improve end-users’ browser cachability for web site static content

See aFleX business cases on the aFleX Examples page.


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