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2022 DDoS Threat Report | A10 Networks
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2022 A10 Networks DDoS Threat Report

The Global State of DDoS Weapons

DDoS attacks continue to find their way into headlines, from attackers leveraging the Log4j vulnerability to Microsoft mitigating one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded to the use of DDoS attacks as the prelude to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Protecting businesses and critical infrastructure from these devastating attacks should be on everyone’s mind. 

In this report, we share some of the latest developments in the world of DDoS that can help you improve your security posture and protect your resources against devastating DDoS attacks.

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The Total Number of DDoS Weapons Tracked by A10 Networks was Approximately 15.4 Million

Obscure weapons types grew more than 2x YoY

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More than 75% Log4j scanners originated from Russia

DDoS weapons in North America per person

Amplification DDoS weapons remain the biggest cause for concern

These include servers openly available on the internet that can be used in reflected amplification DDoS attacks e.g., Open DNS Resolvers, NTP servers etc.

While a DDoS weapon might not be available in large quantities, it can still enable devastatingly large DDoS attacks since the amplification factor of a certain protocol dictates its efficacy as a weapon, not the number of systems exploited.


unique systems that can be used in amplification DDoS attacks were observed by A10 research team in the second half of 2021

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