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The IPv4 Dilemma – How to Solve the Urgent Need for Rapid Rural Buildout

Spurred by new federal funding, regional ISPs including WISPs, FTTH providers, mobile network operators and incumbent LECs are starting broadband buildout projects to unserved and underserved communities. As they expand their networks and capacity to serve more subscribers and traffic, a fundamental core networking decision must be made: How to address IP connectivity in this expanded network.

This important design decision can have significant impact on upfront capital costs, longer term implications on how network is scaled and engineered, and operational and security implications. The IP connectivity plan is one of several important core networking functions that need evaluation as ISPs grow their networks.

This webinar will explore current market for IPv4 addresses and the pros and cons of the IP connectivity options available to regional ISPs, including case studies from real ISPs.

  • The “hot” IPv4 resale market – how long will it continue and current adoption trends
  • Doubling down on IPv4
  • A carrier-grade approach using CGNAT
  • Scaling up – operational and security considerations
  • Getting started with carrier grade networking
  • The path to IPv6
  • Summary – critical core networking considerations
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