What is a Multi-cloud Environment?

Multi-cloud Infrastructures are the New Standard for Enterprise IT

The term Multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple cloud services within the same enterprise architecture. A multi-cloud environment can encompass any number of infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and software (SaaS) services from different vendors.

There are several benefits to employing a multi-cloud approach to IT. The organization can reduce its reliance on any single vendor to support disaster recovery and ensure business continuity, and use multi-cloud load balancing to distribute traffic intelligently across resources for optimal efficiency and performance.

Developers and business units gain the flexibility to choose the most appropriate infrastructure for the services they deploy and the geographies in which they operate, and IT can tailor data storage to requirements for cost, performance, and regulatory requirements.

It’s useful to understand the difference between multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. While hybrid cloud refers to the use of a mixture of deployment modes within an architecture, such as legacy on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments, multi-cloud is the use of multiple public cloud environments from more than one vendor, with or without additional private cloud resources.

How A10 Networks Helps Organizations Leverage Multi-cloud Environments

The flexibility and diversity of a multi-cloud architecture can deliver significant business and IT benefits, but it can also pose challenges around multicloud management, security, and governance. A10 Networks makes multi-cloud deployments simpler, more secure, and more manageable with Polynimbus secure application services, which provide a central point of control across multi-cloud resources and vendors. Polynimbus application services are delivered through solutions including A10 Networks Thunder® ADC and A10 Networks Thunder® CFW.

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Mapping the Multi-cloud Enterprise

As the race to the cloud accelerates, both the benefits and the challenges of multi-cloud environments are becoming ever clearer. There is no question that multi-cloud deployments now play a foundational role in everything from internal business needs to digital transformation initiatives.

Improve Security in Multi-cloud Environments