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Zero Trust and the New Normal for Cybersecurity

March 3, 2021 | 60 min

2020 was an eventful year for cybersecurity, with an unprecedented rise in cyberattacks. Many organizations were caught off guard as the pandemic accelerated and dictated the need for remote work and education. However, the accelerated move to everything cloud has left many wondering about the future, whether their on-premises investments have been rendered obsolete or if the “new normal” would only rely on cloud-only solutions.

The pandemic has also highlighted the need for fool-proof Zero Trust implementations to enhance the security of networks against modern cyberattacks, whether they are initiated from the outside or within. However, with most internet traffic encrypted, it is becoming increasingly difficult to effectively implement a Zero Trust approach.


Douglas B. McKillip - P.E. Solutions Architect, SSL Insight
Douglas B. McKillip
P.E. Solutions Architect,
SSL Insight
A10 Networks
Babur Khan - Marketing Engineer
Babur Khan
Marketing Engineer
A10 Networks
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In This Webinar You Will Learn About:

What the “new normal” of cyber security might look like in a post-pandemic world

What role will Zero Trust play in the future of cybersecurity

Why effective decryption is essential for a fool-proof Zero Trust implementation