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The Best DDoS Protection Services for Data Center Providers

An Intel Network Builders Webinar

The pandemic has inspired a new wave of cybercriminal activity, increasing all types of cyber-attacks including DDoS attacks. DDoS attack sophistication, volume and frequency have increased every year. Cybercriminals weave DDoS attacks as smokescreens for ransomware, malware, and other techniques to target valuable customers. Effective cyber security has become a business imperative and a source of competitive advantage for colocation and data center providers.

Hosting, colocation and data center providers are prime targets for these increased attacks against their infrastructure and tenants. In this webinar, A10 Networks will describe rising trends in cyber threats, provide an overview of its DDoS protection solution and explain how data center and hosting providers can use that solution to better protect themselves and their tenants.

The webinar will include:

  • The rise and evolution of DDoS threats
  • Automated defense – DDoS mitigation and detection
  • Typical data center use case
  • Monetizing security investment
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Terry Young
Terry Young
Director of Service Provider Product Marketing
A10 Networks
Will Bass
Takahiro Mitsuhata
Technical Marketing
A10 Networks