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RCR Wireless:
Rural Broadband in the Real World

The need for reliable connectivity was brought into sharp focus throughout the pandemic. As a result, funding for rural broadband has become a priority for many governments around the world. But the true burden still falls on service providers, which are tasked with making best use of their assets and the infusion of funding to implement multi-faceted network expansion.

This on-demand webinar explores key considerations for rural broadband expansion and how two RDOF winners, Lumen and FiberLight, are approaching the challenge.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Lumen and FiberLight intend to make sure of the RDOF funds
  • Advanced technologies like Open RAN and 5G fit into ISPs’ approach
  • How the technology transformation of the core network will be impacted
  • Rural communities are more vulnerable to cyberattacks
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Cat Sbeglia
Cat Sbeglia
Managing Editor
RCR Wireless News
Melissa Mann
Melissa Mann
VP of Regional and
Legislative Affairs
Mike Ellison
Mike Ellison
VP of Public Sector
Terry Young
Director of Service Provider Product Marketing
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