A10 Transcend 2020: Tips & Tricks Webinar

Polynimbus Approach: How to Manage
a Multi-Cloud Application Delivery Effectively?

This session demonstrates the benefits of having an application delivery controller in a multi-cloud application service deployment by leveraging global server load balancing, flexible form factors and centralized policy enforcement and analytics.

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In this webinar you will learn about:

A10 Polynimbus Secure Application Services Blueprint

An approach to building efficent and reliable multi-cloud application

Demo – A Cloud Bursting Solution in Multi-Cloud

Maintain service using intelligent traffic control even during burst traffic

Demo – Centralized Policy Enforcement & Analytics

Apply WAF policies across all ADCs and view transaction logs with a unified console

Polynimbus Secure Application Delivery Operation
in Multi-cloud Deployments

A10 Networks and Dell Technologies have created new purpose-built solutions to provide application reliability and user protection with advanced load balancing and SSL visibility.

Nick Chen - Systems Engineering Manager
Nick Chen
Systems Engineering Manager
A10 Networks