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Exploiting the Digital Divide -The
Cyber Criminals Perspective

FTTH service providers are rushing to provide the fastest broadband connectivity to previously unserved or underserved communities and offer their subscribers new opportunities and capabilities. However, this also provides opportunities for cyber criminals who are eyeing millions of new potential victims and higher speed access for their malicious activities.

Fiber for Breakfast is a weekly 30-minute live video discussion hosted by Fiber Broadband Association’s President and CEO, Gary Bolton, and featuring industry thought leaders on current topics that explore fiber broadband and connectivity.

In this Fiber for Breakfast, join Gabriel Gumbs, cyber security export and host of the Privacy Please podcast, and Terry Young from A10 Networks, in a discussion of cyber threat trends and their implications for rural broadband service providers and their subscribers.

Discussion will include:

  • How the pandemic has changed subscriber expectations for security
  • The cyber crime business model
  • The rise of DDoS threats
  • Why rural and remote locations are particularly vulnerable
  • What operators can do to combat increased threats
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Gary Bolton
Gary Bolton
President and CEO
Fiber Broadband Association
Gabriel Gumbs
Gabriel Gumbs
IT Security Expert
CISO Advisor & Host of
Privacy Please Podcast
Terry Young
Terry Young
Director of Service
Provider Marketing
A10 Networks