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Avoid Common Networking Mistakes in New Rural Broadband Buildouts

Somewhere between 22 and 43 million Americans are without adequate broadband service. Spurred by recent FCC funding, utilities and regional service providers are building out wireless and FTTH broadband networks to extend coverage and provide higher-speed access.

Rapid deployment of high-speed fiber or wireless access is only part of the challenge. Key elements of the data center or core network must also be reassessed in light of industry trends and security threats, and to meet the rush of new subscribers and traffic.

Join us for this webinar hosted by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, to explore deployment options that meet subscriber growth without straining capital budgets. We’ll review:

  • Current trends in IP connectivity
  • How CGNAT can help with tight budgets
  • Rising DDoS attacks that threaten service and network infrastructure
  • How to avoid short-term investment pitfalls
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Terry Young
Terry Young
Director of Service
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Gary Larsen
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Mark Lea