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Application Management in a Multi-cloud World

As you expand your application delivery from on-premises to hybrid and multi-cloud environments; there are many things to consider. A typical multi-cloud architecture utilizes two or more public clouds as well as multiple private clouds to get the best performance and redundancy possible while keeping costs manageable.

Managing an IT portfolio, or even one application, across a multi-cloud environment requires centralized tools for global monitoring, traffic analysis, and load balancing to ensure security and optimal user experiences around the world. Container architectures along with Kubernetes container orchestration provide an additional layer of complexity.

This webinar will dive into:

  • Typical multi-cloud architectures using containers and Kubernetes
  • The challenges of managing applications in these architectures
  • How centralized tools enable observability and insight into keeping the environment efficient
  • Guidance for IT professionals and managers seeking solutions for building and managing their multi-cloud solutions
Peter Varhol
Peter Varhol
Technology Strategy Researchs
Almas Raza
Almas Raza
Product Marketing Manager
A10 Networks
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