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A Better Alternative to Symantec Bluecoat SSL Visibility

The cyber threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and attackers are increasingly leveraging the cover of encryption to outmaneuver our enterprise defenses. Dedicated TLS decryption solutions are more relevant than ever before, and Symantec’s, (formerly Bluecoat), SSL Visibility solution is one of the contenders in this area.

However, with the recent disruptive acquisition by Broadcom, the future of the solution has been questioned, and its limitations with performance, deployment flexibility and functionality have had customers looking for a better alternative that meets their needs.

To improve the security posture of Enterprises, helping them protect their data and users, we discuss what is required for an effective TLS Decryption strategy, including:

  • The encrypted blind spot and the evolving threat landscape
  • Why the “Secure Decrypt Zone” approach is important for your security infrastructure
  • Why A10 Networks SSL Insight is a better alternative to Symantec’s SSL Visibility
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