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Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Organizations are rethinking their IT practices and platforms as they shift to a multi-cloud infrastructure.

To better understand these issues, the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network has conducted a global survey of IT and business executives to understand their intentions, priorities and concerns about managing in a multi-cloud world.

The BPI Network surveyed some 127 technology and business leaders to gather the insights for this study. Our survey findings make it clear that most organizations are moving rapidly into the multi-cloud world. And they expect this transformation to accelerate in the months and years ahead, as they move more of their core applications and data into the cloud.

But most survey respondents also believe they are far from realizing the full benefits of multi-cloud. They report facing major challenges in achieving the necessary control and expertise needed to effectively manage costs and complexity, improve visibility and integration, and ensure flexibility and best practices in their multi-cloud environments.

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Mapping the Multi-cloud Enterprise Report | A10 Networks