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How Effective Is Your DDoS Protection? | A10 Networks
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How Effective is your
DDoS Protection?

Gartner Peer Insights and A10 Networks surveyed 200 technology decision-makers at data center or colocation providers to understand how effective their current DDoS protection solutions are, what challenges they face, and how they plan to address them.

As the current threat landscape grows, organizations are finding it harder and harder to protect their critical infrastructure. Data centers, in particular, are at risk for DDoS attacks and IT teams are feeling immense pressure to secure customer data and maintain uptime.

Facing aggressive goals for revenue and customer growth, many offer DDoS protection services to differentiate in the market.

See how your peers are currently addressing DDoS protection in their data centers:

  • What is the top cybersecurity challenge for their organizations?
  • How often are they experiencing DDoS attacks targeting their infrastructure and customers?
  • What kind of DDoS protection solutions do they have to protect their own infrastructure?
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