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5 Questions to Ask Before You Deliver Your Applications to the Cloud

The classic data center is gone – and it is being replaced by multi-cloud, hybrid, and container-based infrastructures. With these changes, businesses are gaining increased scalability, realizing reduced costs, and are becoming more agile in their application infrastructure. However, these changes present challenges in how businesses deliver and optimize the traffic flow for their applications. In this eBook, we’ll analyze these challenges, look at five questions to consider, and offer key tips on how to gain greater application visibility, security, automation, centralized management, and application portability.

With 80% of today’s businesses already deploying applications in the cloud, it is now the default application infrastructure. But at most organizations, where IT was designed for on-premises application infrastructures and siloed IT roles, there are challenges around the complexity of delivering applications to hybrid and multi-cloud environments. And furthermore, there are many hurdles to overcome in delivering application traffic in a secure and reliable manner.

As businesses adopt DevOps, microservices, and agile practices, new stakeholders are involved in application delivery and optimization. This is especially true as businesses leverage technologies like containers.

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Questions to Ask Before Delivering Applications to Cloud | A10 Networks