Mike Thompson
June 21, 2018

About Mike Thompson

Mike is in the office of the CTO at A10 Networks. As principal architect for application delivery controller (ADC), cloud and security products, Mike is involved with research, development and strategy for the technology groups. He has spoken at DEFCON, Interop, NANOG, Internet Society and more. With an engineering career that spans 20 years, Mike is an authority on network design, application delivery, cloud architecture and security. A long-time proponent of open-source initiatives, his leadership and networking acumen have been trusted in many industries, including financial technology, service provider and the enterprise.

Recent posts by the Author

June 21, 2018

Brief History of Interop and ShowNet

The Interop Tokyo 2018 Best of Show Awards are presented to the most outstanding products and services for the year, as judged by prestigious members of the IT industry. A10 is proud to announce that our history of bringing home awards for our innovative network and application security technologies continues unbroken. This year marked the…

August 3, 2017

Data Theft, Data Exfiltration and Breaches and Leaks

HBO’s wildly-popular series “Game of Thrones” follows several factions’ quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms. It’s a numbers game. It’s an exercise in one-upmanship. And it’s likely to culminate in a brutal fight to the death As Daenerys Targaryen leads her army (and her dragons) and plots to battle Cersei Lannister to claim the Iron…

February 6, 2017

10 with A10: 10 Open-Source Trends for 2017

Open source has become an integral piece of every developer’s arsenal. The power of the community, the wisdom of many, and the ability to hook into various systems and solutions make open source incredibly powerful. At A10, we contribute to and embrace open-source solutions and provide APIs to empower developers to integrate their tools into…

July 19, 2016

Open Source: Why Choice Drives Innovation

Support of the open-source community is a key plank in an organization’s evolution to be an agile, cloud-focused business. Open-source technologies reduce the financial barrier to consuming technologies that enable business logic and strategies. Open-source technologies are not without cost, however. The need for domain knowledge increases with most technologies, particularly with open source. Many…

October 10, 2013

The Hidden Cost of Auto-Scaling E-Commerce in the Cloud

Auto Scaling, for those who are not familiar with the term, is really the act of increasing capacity on demand. This can occur based on thresh holds and other input methods. For example: One could create a health monitor that under specific conditions launches a number of Virtual Machines and adds those Virtual Machines to…